Fuzzy optimization problems

2019. 04. 25. 14:15
BME H. épület 406 terem
Panahi Abdorreza- Visiting Researcher, BME



      Szeretettel meghívjuk Panahi Abdorreza előadására

            az Optimalizálási Szeminárium keretében

              2019. április 25., csütörtök 14:15 - 15:45

                Helyszín: BME H. épület 406 terem


Panahi Abdorreza Visiting Researcher, BME

Fuzzy optimization problems


The first part of this talk is an introduction to fuzzy set theory and its applications. In the second part classification of the fuzzy optimization problems will be discussed. A fuzzy optimization refers to the search for extremum of a real-valued function when the function is fuzzily valued, and/or when the domain is fuzzily bounded. Fuzzy extremum problems and fuzzy mathematical programming problems are two main categories in which the classification of fuzzy optimization problems has been done. Lastly, some defuzzification methods will be presented.