Research areas

Researchers Research areas
Pál Burai Nonlinear optimization, convex analysis, convexity, functional equations with mean values.
Otília Fülöp Combinatorial optimization, graph theory.
Mihály Hujter Graph theory, optimization, geometry, history of mathematics.
Krisztina Kiss Applications of differential equations in engineering, management science and biology, biomathematics, mathematical analysis of epidemics.
Márton Kiss Inverse eigenvalue problems, Sturm-Liouville operators.
József Kolumbán Partial differential equations, fluidmechanics, convex integartion, control theory.
Edith Alice Kovács Stochastic networks, multivariate statistics, probabilistic graph models, machine learning
Mihály Kovács Analysis and numerical analysis of stochastic partial differential equations, analysis and and numerical analysis of non-local and fractional differential equations
Sándor Kovács Qualitative theory of differential equations
Lajos Lóczi Numerical methods for diferential equations
Miklós Mincsovics Numerical methods for diferential equations
Katalin Nagy Non-attractive hyperbolic models
Gabriella Svantnerné Sebestyén Numerical methods for diferential equations
Tamás Szántai Stochastic programming
Zsolt Szűcs Normal algebras and *-algebras: abstract harmonic analysis
Bálint Takács Analytic and numerical examination of differential equations